Francisco Martinez

Chartered Physiotherapist


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My Story

From a very young age I knew that I wanted to be a physiotherapist. I am passionate about my job and I feel very lucky to practice my profession surrounded by colleagues who share my passion and my hope to improve people´s health.

I was born in the north of Spain and I moved to Madrid to study the degree in Physiotherapy and after that I spent a year with the professionals of the Real Madrid Football Club to be an expert in sport physiotherapy.

In my 20 years of working life I have worked in France, I have had my own clinic, I have been the director of the pelvic floor unit of a hospital, the coordinator of the physiotherapy services of a geriatric center and I have never stopped studying.

For 6 years I trained as an osteopath, I have taken courses with some of the most outstanding international physiotherapists such as Paul Hodges, Diane Lee or Jenny McConnell, especially in the areas of pain and movement.

My passion for physiotherapy and my desire to share my knowledge have led me to become a specialist professor in lumbopelvic motor control. I have also created the Pelvic K-Stretch method to work the pelvic floor musculature through exercise, posture and breathing.

I firmly believe that prevention is as important as treatment, that is why I believe it is fundamental to listen and communicate well with my patients, give advice and examples of how to introduce small changes and gestures in their lives to improve their quality of life.

In my free time I like to practice sports, cook, travel and enjoy with my family outdoors.”