Prestons has been committed to delivering high quality sports injury treatment services for over 40 years.

Albert Preston, Helen’s grandfather, was Peterborough United Football Club Physiotherapist for 25 years and we have continued to see both elite and recreational sporting individuals ever since.

Our holistic approach to sports injury care shines through: by assessing both the injury structure itself alongside the lifestyle factors that influence its rehabilitation puts you in control of your recovery.

Our studio in Alexandra Road (in Peterborough) houses a fully equipped rehabilitation studio with CV equipment including a treadmill (we can therefore assess the way in which you walk and run fully).  We also have a mirrored area where we can analyse the way in which you move and facilitate more helpful movement behaviours to integrate into your treatment programme.  We use manual skills, soft tissue techniques, acupuncture and sometimes electrotherapy (including ultrasound therapy) to help facilitate your own body’s healing processes.

We see rehabilitation as key to ensuring full recovery from injury.  We are goal orientated and make your rehabilitation as focussed and as functional as you need it to be.  We often find that our exercise programmes make the athlete fitter than they were before they got injured and actually go on to help their performance at their chosen sport.

All of the Prestons Health Sports Injury Team keep physically fit themselves to ensure they understand the needs of the athlete.