Prestons Health also work with children, juniors and adolescents to help improve their musculoskeletal health.

Our holistic, multidimensional, evidence based approach means that we are attentive to all the aspects that influence a young person’s recovery from pain and injury.

The young person’s skeletal is growing and is therefore inherently different to treating an adult’s.  We therefore apply our knowledge of the growing skeleton when assessing and treating a child’s aches and pains.

We listen to the individual’s story and apply our understanding of normal healing processes to formulate a full treatment plan to address the individual’s problems.  We carefully assess the injury’s structure and give a detailed diagnosis of the condition.  We ensure we address the lifestyle factors such as sleep, level of physical activity (including pacing, volume and variety), life stress, diet and other individual aspects that influence healing and repair.

We currently work with schools and sports clubs to help them maximise their youngster’s potential.

These include working with Laxton Junior, Oundle School and The Peterborough School.