Cognitive Functional Therapy

Prestons Health in Peterborough is a principal provider of Cognitive Functional Therapy;  a holistic and multidimensional, patient centred approach to the treatment of persistent non specific low back pain. It has a strong evidence base supporting its use.

It can particularly help people who have reduced or stopped their normal activities as a result of their normal pain, including those who have had failed intervention with other therapies, (including osteopathic, chiropractic or other physiotherapeutic management) surgery or medical management or injections.

It is an individually tailored program which looks at both the cognitive and functional aspects to a pain disorder and is very different to more conventional healthcare therapies. Unlike many Western medical systems, it does not focus on the structures in your back because most structural changes (such as those on MRI scans) have not been shown to be highly predictive of pain.  Instead, it focuses on the multidimensional mechanisms that drive the individual’s vicious cycle of pain and disability; these can include attitudes, beliefs and fears regarding pain, stress, sleep hygiene, physical activity and pacing.  The classification system identifies maladaptive ways in which you move and process the pain messages and then retraining them in a mindful and relaxed, more helpful, manner.  The new behaviours are then integrated into activities of daily life to ensure carryover into activities of daily living.  It is largely driven by the goals you which to achieve.

The Physiotherapy Staff at Prestons attend training workshops every year with Professor Peter O’Sullivan from Curtin University in Perth, Australia who, along with his team, have pioneered this approach.

Please specifically ask for Cognitive Functional Therapy when making your appointment to make sure that we book you in with the appropriately trained physiotherapist.  Just like our other physiotherapy appointments, we allow one hour for the initial assessment in order to fully hear your story and assess and treat you fully.

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