Older Persons Physiotherapy

Are you an older person looking to live well, healthier and independently in 2020?

The team here at Prestons Health are here to help.

Whats the bad news?

Lack of strength in older age is highly correlated with problems in daily living, morbidity and early mortality. In short, having reduced muscle strength is part of getting older and can lead to disability and increased risk of health problems.

Whats the good news?

Strength training can reverse the effects of the aging process. Yay!

Increasing strength and muscle mass levels improves systemic health, not just muscles. It increases length and quality of life!

Need help on getting stronger? Maybe pain is stopping you? Or fear of doing something wrong?

Our team of healthcare professionals here at Prestons Health are trained to work with older persons with or without health problems. Examples include osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and joint aches and pains. Having confidence to work with a healthcare professional that really knows their stuff, especially initially, can be uber helpful in gaining confidence to get a strength and conditioning programme together.

Take a look through these videos to show what we, as Physiotherapists, can do to help. We also have a Podiatry service to offer foot healthcare solutions for all.

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